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This program demands a high degree of commitment from its volunteers.

We welcome volunteers from all cultures, professions, and socio-economic, ethnic and educational backgrounds. We have a particular need for men and people of various racial and ethnic backgrounds.


  1. Have a genuine interest in advocating for children, their rights and needs.
  2. Have time to perform CASA duties, and a schedule which is flexible enough to allow for the completion of mandatory duties.
  3. Able to initially commit to a one (1) year involvement in the program as a CASA volunteer, but ideally, to commit to volunteering with the program until the assigned case is terminated by the Court.
  4. Ability to interact with people involved in the child welfare system - child, family, professionals.
  5. Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
  6. Mature adult.


  1. Complete a CASA Program Application and return the form to the CASA office in their district.
  2. Provide names, addresses, of THREE personal references, non-relative in nature.
  3. Authorize a release of information for the CASA Program to conduct a criminal history check of applicant's background, including DCI, FBI, Motor Vehicles Division, Child Abuse Registry and Sexual Offenders Registry.
  4. Undergo at least one (1) personal interview with the Local CASA Coordinator.
  5. Satisfactorily complete the mandatory CASA Pre-Service Training Course, consisting of 30 hours of course time.

CASA Volunteers Make a Lifelong Difference for a Child.

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